The Internet Just Found Out There's A Third Property Brother And Minds Are Blown


Anyone who's even casually flipped to HGTV is probably aware of the Property Brothers. The twin brothers have been fixing up and selling houses on TV for the past six years and have become two of the most recognizable faces (or I guess it's really just one face) of the network.

Well... imagine everyone's shock this week when the internet found out there's a THIRD Property Brother! AND he looks like Pete Wentz! I know -- it's blowing my mind, too. It all started with this viral tweet of an older photo of the three brothers together.

If that haircut doesn't take you back to shopping in a Hot Topic in the mid-2000s while My Chemical Romance was blaring, then you must have skipped your emo teen phase.

But wait... IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER! A quick google takes you to the Property Brothers' websites, which includes bios for HGTV's poster boys Drew and Jonathan Scott, along with some much-needed info on their older brother JD Scott. Turns out, he has the perfect job to match his hairstyle: HE IS AN ADAM LAMBERT IMPERSONATOR!


I know it sounds like a joke, but I swear to God it's not and I can't get over it. There's even video of JD performing in Las Vegas as Adam Lambert to prove it.

D himself noticed the Internet's sudden obsession with him and his emo hair and clarified a few things on his Instagram. Apparently the pic is from years ago and the haircut really was all because of his job as an Adam Lambert impersonator.

He also ended the confusion that he's a magician. Although he definitely gives off some major Criss Angel vibes in this old photo, he said his brother Jonathan Scott is the only illusionist in the family.

But thankfully (or maybe unfortunately), JD Scott doesn't have that Lambert hairstyle anymore. Today he's tamed his hair and now just rocks a normal crew cut similar to his younger brothers. But he's still got some tribal-looking arm tattoos to remind you he's got an edge.

I'm just praying that Drew and Jonathan will have JD do his Adam Lambert impression on "The Property Brothers" sometime soon. Please make this happen!