The Rock Is Looking Buff AF In This First 'Jumanji' Set Photo


God dayum. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a giant mountain of muscles in this first set photo from “Jumanji.”

After 22 years we're finally getting a "Jumanji" reboot! I don't know why it took for-effing-ever to make this happen, but hey, who am I to judge Hollywood? Let's all just be happy that it's finally happening.

It was the first day of shooting on set in the jungle for the reboot of the 1995 classic, which famously starred Robin Williams, Kristen Dunst and Bonnie Hunt.

Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart (because, of course those two will never not be in a movie together going forward), Karen Gillan and Jack Black are all set to get their shot at being a part of this movie, which is currently set for a summer 2017 release date.

From the looks of things this movie will kick unmitigated ass.

The Rock uploaded the first photo from the set and it is giving us a major case of the "OOOOHHHHHHH HELL YEAH"-sies.

Right off the bat, it looks like the reboot could not be more perfectly cast.

Kevin Hart can do no wrong (sans "Grudge Match"), Jack Black is in the midst of a resurgence, The Rock is a certified American touchstone and Karen Gillan... I guess is fine.

I don't watch "Dr. Who," so I know nothing about her sans the fact her belly button is like oddly pronounced in this picture.

Kevin Hart also uploaded the same picture to his own Instagram with the caption,

Day 1 of shooting "Jumanji" is officially in the can. We had a amazing first day. The chemistry & energy of our cast & crew was beyond amazing!!!! This movie is going to be dope as hell....Can't wait to get back to work tomorrow @therock@karengillanofficial & jack black!!! #Jumanji

My prediction for opening day at the theaters is the following:

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