The Rock Gave An Incredible Christmas Gift To His Dad


'Tis the season to spread holiday cheer like no other, but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is truly Santa Claus himself... all year long.

Not only is The Rock constantly winning at life, he's also a real selfless dude, which is one of the traits I admire most about him.

He's constantly spreading so much love and joy across the land, from strangers and people in need to his loved ones and friends.

The Rock recently teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to give a woman and her husband (who is a Master Sergeant in the US Air Force) the most wonderful surprise. The star-studded duo reunited the couple for the holidays, and the woman's emotional reaction really says it all.

You're the real MVP, The Rock.

The 44-year-old actor took to Instagram on Friday to share with all of us a crazy, yet super personal and moving story behind what he gave his dad for Christmas this year.

He wrote,

Santa Claus does exist, guys, and he's The Rock!!

You are a role model and inspiration to all, Dwanta Claus. Keep doing you like a boss.