State Trooper Forced Into Counseling For Taking Photo With Snoop Dogg

Historically, Snoop Dogg hasn't exactly been a friend of law enforcement. But this time, an officer of the law is the one in trouble for consorting with Snoop.

A Texas State trooper named Billy Spears has been ordered to go to counseling for posing in a photo with Snoop Dogg.

Snoop asked Spears to be in the photo with him during the South by Southwest festival in Austin.

The photo made its way onto Snoop's Instagram. Spears was then reprimanded, due to Snoop's criminal past, when his superiors saw the picture.

Spears' attorney claims Spears had no knowledge of Snoop's prior convictions for drug possession, but that doesn't seem like enough to get Spears out of hot water.

It all seems pretty harmless to me, but I suppose they don't take these things lightly down in Texas.

Here's the incriminating Instagram:

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