Tom Hiddleston Can't Avoid Taylor Swift And This Pic Is Proof

Imagine not being able to escape the sight of your ex-girlfriend months after cutting ties with her.

That's what life is like for Tom Hiddleston -- or so it seems.

The 35-year-old actor was spotted out in London as he went for a jog with Taylor Swift this weekend...

OK, let me clear that up right away! Hiddleston wasn't actually WITH her, but he might as well have been.

Don't worry... Tom's moved on by now (I think).

Tom Hiddleston was hilariously photographed running past street art of Taylor Swift. The English actor was spotted wearing an orange puffer jacket, black joggers and Nike running sneakers.

As for Taylor's face, well, it was plastered along the side of a metal container on the sidewalk. Perhaps the funniest part about this strange coincidence is that the street art was actually addressed to Tom.

The illustration shows Taylor Swift on the phone with a speech bubble next to her, reading,

Oh Tom... I love you, too... But...

DAMN. Too soon?! Probably not. I think more than enough time has passed since they broke up in September. Still, it's gotta be kind of annoying to be across the pond and be haunted by your American ex-girlfriend while you get your fitness on.

Poor Tom!

Here's the epic photo of Tom Hiddleston jogging near street art of Taylor Swift addressing their failed relationship.

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

I'm sure Tom couldn't help but crack a smile at the sight of this... NOT.

So, who's the mastermind behind this work of art?

According to E! News, artist Fussy Human is responsible for crafting the highly relatable illustration depicting the moment Taylor Swift apparently broke up with Tom Hiddleston.

How she was able to have it strategically posted up near Tom's jogging route remains unknown!

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