Taylor Lautner's Throwback Photo Proves He Basically Always Had A Six-Pack

OK — we REALLY need to talk about Taylor Lautner for one hot second here.

And by "hot" I mean we're taking it to the sizzling beach, circa 1999.

The 24-year-old actor recently posted a throwback picture on Instagram, and something is seriously going on here.

At first glance, you'd think it's your typical harmless #TBT, and Taylor wanted to jump in on the trending bandwagon.

No shame in that, right?

Let me set the scene: Our little man Taylor is at the beach showing off his straight up #summerbod like a tiny stud.

Here's the adorable picture.

Um… But wait.

Hold UP.

Do I actually spy…

A hardcore…

SIX-PACK on baby Lautner?!

Either we're all getting completely punked right now, or Taylor Lautner has basically had insane abs his entire freaking life?

He was only 7 years old in this throwback, so I'm going to take a pretty solid guess he came into this world with an actual six-pack.

For comparison, here's Taylor as Jacob Black in "Twilight," when he was casually shirtless on the reg.

In case you were wondering, just a little PSA that Taylor's still v. sexy following his "Twilight" days.

One thing's for sure... I need me some more Taylor in my life.

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