Kendall And Kylie's 'Spontaneous' Matching Ferraris Story Will Make You Gag

Instagram/ Kendall Jenner

Kendall and Kylie are SO you and your sister! You know, how they work together and hang together and buy matching Ferraris just like you guys.

Wait, what do you mean you and your sis don't have matching Ferraris? Next you're going to tell me the two of you have never starred in the same reality show.


This is a freaking travesty. Take it from Kenny and Ky, it's SO crazy when you accidentally get matching Ferraris.

On her app Tuesday, Kendall shared the whole outraaageous story with fans.

The 20-year-old wrote,

You may have seen Kylie's snaps of us both getting Ferraris, but the story behind it is so good — it wasn't planned at all! After I drove her Ferrari 458 for a week earlier this year, I knew I needed one for myself. I waited because a friend of mine told me that the 488 (the model I have now) was coming out in a few months. So, I kept waiting while my friend looked for one to come to the States.

She needed it, mmkay? Try to keep up.

Kendall continued,

When there was a model here, I went to check it out with Corey [Gamble]. Afterward, I saw Kylie and she told me she was planning on getting one, too! We thought it was cool that we'd both be driving them around. One day, I was at breakfast with my friend and he told me there was one down the street and that I had to see it. I was finally ready, so I bought it on the spot. I FaceTimed Kylie, saying, 'Look what I just got!!!' I told her to go check out the other one, which was local. I met her there just as she was buying it! Then we took all the cheesy snaps, lol. It was funny that we ended up getting them on the same day — because it was so spontaneous.

That IS a crazy story.

At least Kendall and Kylie are able to share the Ferrari spotlight without feeling like either of their shine is being taken.

Lord knows we've been there before.

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