Started From The Bottom: Stripper Reveals Drake Likes Getting His Booty Licked

by Adam Pliskin

So, in case you were wondering, Drake really likes getting his butthole licked. Oh, you weren't wondering about that? Well too bad, cause I'm going to tell you all about it in graphic detail. Here we go.

Media Takeout published an anonymous letter the other day from someone claiming to be a stripper who had a sexual encounter with Drake.

So, you know, take this with a massive grain of salt. Also, let it be stated for the record that I know that this is all pretty gross and invasive. But I am the resident reporter on all things analingus, so I really had no choice here.

Anyway, here are some of the choice nugs from the letter. They're pretty hilarious/insane.

"Him and his boys brought me and a few girls back after a night at [LA CLUB]. As soon as we walked in the door, it was like we entered the White House. "Security was tight, he made all of us give up our cellphones and sign a contract. Then a security man took a photo of our drivers licenses. I ain’t never seen nothing like that."

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that writing this letter is in clear violation of any NDA you might have signed. Break out the lawsuits, Drizzy!

"He took off all his clothes, and mine and laid me down and started eating me. His d*ck is not really big, but it’s THICK."

Well, at least Drake's dong isn't going to make you feel that bad about your station in life.

"I must have c*me like 3 times while he was doing it. On after the other, after the other. I have had my box eaten hundreds of times, but no one has EVER done it like Drake. "He has a real talent. His tongue went from p*zzy to butt, back to p*zzy. I think I c*me out of both."

Further proof that Drake is a talented man.

"He then laid on his back and was like “My Turn.” I was ready to suck the OXYGEN outta him and I did. After a few minutes he started pushing my head down, towards his b*lls. I sucked on them for a while and he pushed me down FURTHER to his butt hole." "It was weird eating a man’s butt like that, but I’m a freak, and it was Drake LOL. He was laying there on the bed with his leg spread open and my face in his butt and his legs shaking."

Honestly, that whole situation sounds disgusting. Maybe I'm a prude, but come on, he poops from there.

"I’m embarrassed to say it, but Drake enjoyed getting his butt ate so much that he n*tted. All over my new weave."

I didn't even know that was physically possible. Then again, I'm not a doctor.

"I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want the world to know he likes his butt eaten."

Well, then you probably shouldn't have written a letter about it. But you did. So, thanks for that, anonymous stripper!

Photo Credit: WENN