OMG: Sporty And Baby Spice Reuniting Will Make You Miss Your Childhood

Big news, everyone. There was a mini Spice Girls reunion at the BRIT Awards.

Sporty Spice and Baby Spice were both in attendance and took some fabulous photos together.

Unfortunately, the other members of the all-girl pop group were not there, but that didn't stop Mel C. and Emma Bunton from having their fun.

Hopefully, one day soon, we'll have a proper Spice Girls reunion. But until that day, this will have to suffice.

Stay spicy, my friends.

bom dia senhor o senhor tem um minuto pra ouvir a palavra? #SpiceGirls #Brits #BritAwards2015 — Mrs. Chanandler Bong (@CaioGuip) February 25, 2015
"@TheO2: #girlpower vibes with @EmmaBunton and @MelanieCmusic at the @BRITAwards #BRITs2015 #TheO2" yaaay — Neide Sao Tiago (@NeideSTiago) February 25, 2015
There was a Spice Girls reunion at the #BRITAwards! @MelanieCmusic & @EmmaBunton met up. PICS: — (@JustJared) February 25, 2015
Stop right now, thank you very much - it's (some of) the Spice Girls. #BRITs2015 — DIY (@diymagazine) February 25, 2015
Spice girls selfie! Hahaha! @BRITAwards #BRITAwards #BRITs2015 — Elliott H-L (@ellselliott) February 25, 2015
.@LittleMix posing with 2/5 of the Spice Girls on the @BRITAwards red carpet! #KCA #VoteLittleMixUK — KUWLM (@KeepingUpWithLM) February 25, 2015
There are former Spice Girls together at the @BRITAwards! For more celebs, click here! — Woman's Own (@WomansOwn) February 25, 2015

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