Sofia Vergara's Ex Is Suing Her So She Can't Destroy Her Frozen Eggs

This is one of the crazier celebrity lawsuit stories you're likely to hear.

Sofia Vergara's ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb, is suing Vergara to prevent her from destroying her fertilized, frozen embryos.

The former couple fertilized two embryos six months prior to their breakup in 2013. And the eggs remained frozen ever since.

Vergara wants the embryos to be destroyed, whereas Loeb hopes to preserve them.

While these two were together, they attempted to implant eggs in a surrogate on two occasions. These attempts, however, were both unsuccessful.

The lawsuit also claims Vergara was "physically and mentally abusive" to Loeb over the four years of their relationship.

Since splitting with Loeb, Vergara got engaged to actor Joe Manganiello. It's rumored Vergara and Manganiello found a surrogate of their own.

It's unclear what Loeb's endgame is here, but I don't see this one working out in his favor.

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