Selena Gomez Adorably Snuck Into A Fan's House To Surprise Her

Selena Gomez low-key broke into an Australian girl's house, but don't worry, the girl was totally into it.

While she was in Sydney for her Revival Tour, the 24-year-old pop star teamed up with Kyle and Jackie O, hosts of Australian radio station KIIS 1065, to surprise a fan.

Sophie Saunders, a 22-year-old Selena Gomez fanatic, thought she was recording a fan video of "Kill Em With Kindness."

Little did she know, while she was recording, Selena Gomez herself was sneaking up the stairs to her bedroom.

(Personally that sounds a LOT like breaking and entering to me, but Sophie was into it. So it's fine. I guess.)

Sophie's face when Selena opens her bedroom door is perfect, and the two girls hug it out.

It was an emotional moment. At the end of the video, Sophie tearfully thanks Kyle and Jackie O for arranging the meeting.

The radio hosts were moved by her gratitude — so much that Kyle actually shed a few tears himself.

Jackie O can't help poking fun at him for it. She says,

I've shown you so many heartbreaking videos that you haven't flinched at, and this Selena Gomez video we put up your in tears over!

To which Kyle responds,

But I love Selena too!

We all do Kyle, we all do. Watch the video of the moment below:

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