Selena Gomez’s Fans React To “Fetish” Music Video And They're Not Sure What To Think


It's here, it's finally here! That's right, Selena Gomez's "Fetish" music video officially dropped on Wednesday. It's definitely different than your typical Selena video, and fans on Twitter are already all over it.

The highly-sexual song's video features the 25-year-old pop singer in a vaguely southern American setting, wearing a long, modest, yellow dress and minimal makeup.

In between depictions of Gomez's seemingly humble, southern life (which I imagine is the exact opposite of Selena Gomez's actual pop star life), we got flashes of erotic images, like a string being pulled around a tongue.

Then things get kind of weird when ya girl starts writhing around on her kitchen floor, which apparently is in desperate need of a mopping.

When it comes to Gucci Mane's rap interlude, he seems to be nowhere near the world that Selena Gomez's character is in. Gucci raps in front of what appears to be a concrete wall — guess the scheduling didn't work out to get him on the set of the actual video.

The video concludes with Gomez in a walk-in freezer. The food must be too frozen for her tastes, because she takes a bite of her pink lipstick instead.

Some fans are really into the new vibe. But some fans... not so much.

There's definitely a few disturbing images in the video that might have turned some fans off. Apparently Selena Gomez has an obsession with things clamping around tongue, and I'm not entirely sure if I'm on board with that.

On the other hand, it's cool to see this less glamorized, more down to earth version of Selena Gomez that we get in this new "Fetish" video. And it confirms what I always suspected to be true: Pop stars really are that beautiful. It's not just the professional makeup and hair people they hire. Oh, well.