Scott Disick Is Seriously Getting Ripped Apart By People On Instagram


Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian ended their relationship after nine years, and Kardashian fans are not happy.

The fans of the family expressed their disgust toward Disick on Instagram, and they did not hold back.

These people ripped Scott to shreds for reportedly cheating on Kourtney.

But, he also provoked their ire by posting a photo to Instagram (which has apparently been taken down) to promote a party in Las Vegas just a day after his breakup was announced.

Here are some of the meanest comments on Instagram about Scott Disick since the breakup.

Some people wish Disick was never born.

Others are disgusted by his behavior.

Some Kardashian fans want Scott to own up to his mistakes.

This one is real harsh.

I'll certainly be adding "sperm dumpster" to my vocabulary.

Still, some people remain hopeful.

And some just want him to kill himself.

Instagram wasn't the only place people voiced their displeasure.

You should be afraid of anyone who gets threats from Metallica songs.

How do you even come back from a devastating insult like this?

So, he's basically Oscar the Grouch.


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