Sam Smith Reveals All Of The Terrible Abuse He's Suffered For Being Gay


Sam Smith is an extremely talented artist who also happens to be gay.

Most people don't give his homosexuality a second thought. It's something Smith is proud of, and he has spoken openly about it.

However, there are some bigoted people out there who have taken issue with Smith's sexuality.

Recently, Smith spoke to The Sun and the London Evening Standard about the hatred and violence he's endured because of his sexual orientation.

The abuse he has faced is despicable, especially in this day and age.

This is what Sam Smith had to say about his experiences with harassment throughout his life.

Smith was physically attacked on the streets of London.

He was called names as a kid.

And he had to deal with the close-mindedness of his small hometown.

Smith even experienced hatred from within the gay community.

Smith had trouble at first in the gay community because he didn't fit some perfect, impossible ideal.

But, Smith chose to rise above these experiences and use his music for good.

Smith wants to break out of the pop star mold.

Smith learned to cope with the harsh words of others.

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