This Guy Got 'Ryan Reynolds' Tattooed On His Butt And There's A Pic To Prove It


Oh the lengths fans will go to show their love for their favorite movie stars.

Sure, some fans create masterful art for their favorite celebrities, and others will buy dozens of tickets to any new movies they have out, but one teenager named Dustin truly went above and beyond all the rest to show his devotion to Ryan Reynolds.

A diehard "Deadpool" fan, Dustin laid it all on the line to get some attention from Reynolds by promising to get the actor's name tattooed on his butt if he liked the tweet. And sure enough, Reynolds hit that little heart and hit the ball back into Dustin's court.


Ryan also liked Dustin's follow-up tweet, which said he would get the tattoo in Deadpool's signature colors of red and black.

And after getting those likes, Dustin actually went through with it! On Sunday, he uploaded a photo of his cheeky new tattoo. He even followed through on getting every letter of Reynolds' name inked in alternating red and black. I'm not sure why he decided on that Comic Sans font, though...


Dustin told BuzzFeed he had been noticing Ryan Reynolds liking tweets that fans would send him promising to buy multiple "Deadpool" DVDs or things like that, and he thought he could get in on the fun and take it to a whole new level.

The major question, though, is whether Dustin thinks he's going to regret this impulsive Ryan Reynolds tattoo in the future... which I'm pretty positive he will.

But he says it will always be a funny story. I guess only time will tell just how funny that story actually becomes.

I feel like it would have been a lot more acceptable and fitting for Dustin's superhero obsession if he got Deadpool's name tattooed instead of Reynolds', but I guess that's not how you get Ryan to notice you.

Apparently, Ryan hasn't seen the tattoo yet (or at least he hasn't publicly reacted to it), but it's still a pretty new photo! I'm sure Ryan will respond in a brilliant way; maybe he'll get "Dustin" tattooed on his butt.

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