Ryan Gosling's Hot Oscars Date Was His Sister

Hellloooooooo Ryan Gosling's sister.

A lot of people may not know this, but Ryan Gosling has a sister, and she is a one-lady fireworks show.

Her name is Mandi, and when Eva Mendes decided to sit this year's Oscars out, she was offered the chance to escort Ryan to the big show.

Man oh man, the web is absolutely smitten with her "supporting roles."

Uh, Mandi.

This is the Oscars, not the Golden Globes!

*ba dum chi*

*spends next portion of his life atoning for eating from the lowest-hanging fruit of all time*

Before we go on, I feel like we need to enjoy a few moments of Ryan Gosling walking the red carpet alone.

The funny part of this whole thing is the web had no idea who she was.

Mandi isn't a big Hollywood person, so automatically everyone sort of just assumed Eva Mendes had died and Ryan Gosling got over it in record speed.



"That's Boobs McGee-Gosling to you, Babe Ruthless."


The fact that they're related didn't stop Twitter from talking about their Gosling-based Oscar boners.

There were those though who did actually know about Mandi and thought the whole situation was kind of funny.


I don't know what deal Mr. and Mrs. Gosling cut with the devil, but holy crap is that one good-looking family!

Ryan looks like if a witch commanded the monkey's paw to make her the best looking person of all time. And then Mandi...



As any good big brother does, Ryan spent a large chunk of the night introducing his sister's plunging neckline to the rest of the attendees at the event.

So there you have it, dudes. If you were having a hard time finding anything about Ryan Gosling interesting at all, I think you just found your angle.

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