Emma Stone Says Ryan Gosling Hides Twizzlers In His Suit And We Love Him Even More

by Anna Menta

I'm not sure what Twizzler did to deserve this, but Emma Stone just gave them the best gift of all time: Ryan Gosling.

Because according to Emma, Ryan Gosling really likes Twizzlers. Like, really, REALLY likes them.

He likes them so much Emma found her "La La Land" costar's behavior "concerning."

In an interview for Elle UK TV, Emma said,

He loves Twizzlers. He used to eat so many Twizzlers on set it was concerning. Like, he had it in his suit pocket, just, another Twizzler, another Twizzler, another Twizzler. He really loves Twizzlers. You should bring him some Twizzlers if you want to get on his good side.

Do you hear that? That is the sound of thousands of people rushing to their nearest candy retail outlet and buying hella Twizzlers for Ryan Gosling.

And if you listen even closer, you will hear the Twizzler executives laughing manically as they count their newfound fortune.

But this Twizzler thing does clear up thing for me: Now I finally understand why Ryan Gosling's hand is perpetually in his pocket on the red carpet.

Dude's been sneaking Twizzlers this whole time!

In case you don't believe, I've drawn up some visual aids to demonstrate my point. (And yes, I know my photo editing skills are equivalent to a that of a 5-year-old's, and yes, I apologize.)

Don't let that poker face fool you. Ryan is totally sneaking a Twizzler here.


Ryan may be pretending to laugh at someone's joke, but it's all just a cover so he can grab a quick Twizz.


Emma: "You're not reaching for a Twizzler are you?" Ryan: "What? Of course not!"


Like a magician, Ryan waves his hand to distract you from his sleight of hand to get a Twizzler in his mouth ASAP.


Yeah, a Golden Globe would be nice, but you know what would REALLY be nice? A Twizzler.


In conclusion, Ryan Gosling definitely has a million cavities.


Note: This post was not sponsored by Twizzler, but Twizzler is welcome to send me candy any time they want.

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