16 RuPaul Quotes That Prove He Is Your Guide For Getting Through 2017


As a society, we have never needed RuPaul more than we do right now.

Times are tough. That isn't a hot take or me making some grand shocking statement or anything.

The whole world is fighting with each other and the effects are clearly weighing on society.

Morale is low, tensions are high, and Facebook is one big, angry Thanksgiving family meal where your super conservative uncle just met your liberal female cousin's girlfriend for the first time.

This likely won't change anytime soon either.

Without pointing blame anywhere specifically (*cough* TRUMP *cough*), we have at least ohhhhhhh, I don't know (*looks at watch*), four more years *another news story drops about Russia* a few more weeks of this so your best bet is to buckle up and morally hunker down for a LONG winter.

Thankfully though, we all have RuPaul.

If you don't know whom RuPaul is, then block off a few days to catch up on nine seasons of "Drag Race."

I'm not joking, you will never get bored of this show, and you will never feel more empowered than when you watch it.

Midway through the seventh season, I had to go to Whole Foods and ended up DEMANDING a free loaf of bread because I didn't like the free samples they had out.

They gave me that bread, and I have Ru to thank for it.

So, while you go through these troubling times, just remember that for every situation there is a RuPaul quote waiting to guide you.

Know you aren't alone.

Sometimes you just need to restate the basics.


You just have to recognize being nice is good, but sometimes you gotta throw down.

The fact Ru has something called #DragCon should be all the hope you need to get you through the next few years.

THIS Instagram account may be the happiest place on earth.

Sometimes, when push comes to shove, you just gotta sashay away.

Good luck. Ru be with you.