Rob Kardashian Posts Sweet Pic Of Dream Asleep

Someone is certainly looking pretty in pink.

It seems that fatherhood is suiting Rob Kardashain well -- he just can't get over (just like the rest of us who still have use of our eyes) how cute baby Dream Renée Kardashian is.

In fact, the new father recently took to Instagram to post an adorable picture of Dream actually dreaming (A Dream within a dream? Cue "Inception" horns), while cuddling with some stuffed animals.


Along with the heartrending photo of his 4-week-old daughter catching a few REM cycles, Rob posted the following, sweet caption:

Sleep baby.... best thing that has ever happened to me in my life

Now, it's possible that Rob is so sleep-deprived he's actually trying to say this sleeping baby is the best thing that ever happened to him.

With one missing comma, the caption could take on a whole new meaning.


(*Cough, it's where are the commas, cough.*)

Of course, I'm just joking, Rob. I know you love Dream -- we all do! I mean, even those clearly inanimate, pink stuffed animals are obsessed with her...

Unless those toys are actually alive a la "Toy Story."


On another note, do you think Rob ever sings the following lyrics to the music of "Les Mis:"

I dreamed of Dream in Chyna gone by...

Sorry. I had to indulge in that shower thought. I digress...

Speaking of Blac Chyna, it's clear that the little bundle of joy has brought Chyna and Rob closer together after the pair had been living separately prior to the birth of Dream.

Now, the two are apparently cohabiting in Chyna's home. Truly, these guys are #familygoals.

We reported earlier how Blac Chyna gave birth to Dream on November 10 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA, and I seriously cannot believe it's almost been a whole month since she entered the world.

In case you haven't gotten your Dream Kardashian fix yet, the "Rob & Chyna's Baby Special" is set to air on E! on December 18.


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