Rick Ross Had The Time Of His Life Hanging Out With Bill Murray (Photos)

A crazy thing happened this weekend: Rick Ross and Bill Murray hung out together in a recording studio.

It's unclear why these two luminaries palled around with one another, but it happened and that's just awesome.

Murray was watching his son assistant coach the University of Rhode Island men's basketball team on Saturday night.

Following the game, Murray and his son somehow hooked up with Ross and joined him in the studio.

And Paul Shaffer, from the "Late Show with David Letterman," made an appearance as well.

There's no word if they actually recorded any music, but they did take some great photos.

Check them out below.

There's a new supergroup in town:

pic.twitter.com/UCq1W57R94 — Luke Murray (@L_Murr) March 1, 2015

Swaggin' out:

These guys sure know how to party:

Laughs on laughs on laughs:

Rick Ross & Bill Murray #wow #rare pic.twitter.com/qExHdGDm4C — illroots 4 the kids (@illroots) February 27, 2015

Rick Ross approves:

#BillMurray funny dude pic.twitter.com/e5mypFz2Wo — Hood Billionaire (@rickyrozay) February 28, 2015

Time for a dance party:

Good dude #BillMurray pic.twitter.com/Eak4Q6HUCr — Hood Billionaire (@rickyrozay) February 27, 2015

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