Let's Not Forget Reggie Bush Dated Kim K And Amber Rose Before Kanye

Today is Kim Kardashian's 34th birthday. It's also Amber Rose's 31st birthday.

The two women have a lot more in common than their valuable assets: They're both Hollywood moms and selfie queens.

We're sure you remember that before Kim became Mrs. West, she dated NFL star Reggie Bush.

The couple were "Drunk In Love," doing everything they could to show the world their love.

Remember this?

Unfortunately, Kardashian and Bush's highly publicized relationship ended in early 2010 after Kim reportedly cheated on Bush with none other than her current husband, Kanye West.

At that time, Kanye was dating Kim's birthday twin, Amber Rose.

Rose and West's relationship lasted for over a year. The couple was seen everywhere together. West used Rose as his muse, taking her to events, fashion shows and on lavish international vacations.

Rose and West broke up in 2010, the same time Bush and Kardashian ended their relationship.

Shortly after the respective break ups, Rose was rumored to be dating Reggie Bush and Kim moved on to multiple flings with other guys.

Rose adamantly denies she came between Kim and Reggie, and jury's still out on that one. Rose hasn't been shy on her feelings about Kardashian; in the press, she's called Kim a "homewrecker," destroying her relationship with West.

The birthday twins also both dated Nick Cannon: Kim much earlier in her "career" and Rose reportedly right after she ended her marriage to Wiz Khalifa.

It's safe to say Rose and Kardashian are, at the very least, Eskimo sisters as they've both been linked to many of the same men.

Perhaps, because they share the same birthday, their personalities and allure is what causes the same stars to go after both women. In celebration of the ladies' birthdays, we just wanted to remind you: Reggie hit it first.

Top Photo Credit: WENN