Royal Parents' Creepy Video Of Prince George Is Straight From A Horror Movie

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge thanked Canada for hosting their family in the creepiest way possible.

Kensington Palace released an eerie, dimly lit video of Prince George and Princess Charlotte playing in slow motion.

They dressed up George to look like a scary Victorian ghost child.


There was an aging man playing with a hand puppet sporting cold, emotionless eyes.


This man who played the devil's fiddle.


A lone bubble floating in the wind that surely signals Satan's uprising.


AND DID I MENTION THE MUSIC?! Next level creepy.

You've gotta watch it to understand. Turn the music up really loud.

What did I tell you? Creepy AF.

Kensington Palace posted the special "thank you" video on its official Twitter feed. A spokesperson wrote,

We have created such happy memories for our children during this visit.

It's such a shame. The royal visit started and ended so well.

First, Prince George completely sassed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

When Trudeau tried to greet the tiny royal with a high five last Saturday, he was shut down.

Here's the snub from a different angle:

The prime minister goes for a low five AND a high five and was denied both times.

Then, to add insult to injury, his handshake attempt was also rejected.

So. Much. Sass.

The prince must have been tired from all his attitude, because when he boarded the plane home he looked all tuckered out and sad.


Look at his squashed up expression of sorrow like he's just left Disney World for the first time.

That's one sad prince.

Keep your chin up George; we love you. Go home, refuel and come back eager for more adventures.

P.S. Pack your sass.