Olivia Wilde Is Mad That No One Offered Their Subway Seat


Famous or not, when a pregnant woman is uncomfortably standing on the subway, YOU LET HER SIT.

I don't care if you've spent the same amount of money as her on a metro card or you've just spent an entire day running a marathon.

It's common curtesy to let a childbearing female sit down on a train, or on any fast-moving crowded form of transportation.

This unspoken rule of thumb was recently ignored when a crowded car full of subway riders snubbed pregnant Olivia Wilde by not offering her a seat.

Were these people made of stone? I know NYC makes you a little colder, but DAMN.

Wilde didn't take the rudeness lightly and sarcastically vented on Twitter about the bizarre incident.

Most of her fans were outraged by the audacity of the subway riders and had Wilde's back -- which is probably sore from standing.

Others, though, were rude AF.

According to E! News, a not-so-understanding Twitter user replied to the 32-year-old actress and basically shamed her for being pregnant, saying,


This person probably didn't realize how sassy a pregnant woman can get -- or, any woman, for that matter -- until Olivia slammed him with this hilarious tweet.

Tell 'em, Olivia.

Next time you see a pregnant woman standing on the subway, give her your damn seat. Because that's what decent human beings do.

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