People Are Destroying Beyoncé For Announcement About Being Vegan


Beyoncé made what she considered a major announcement on "Good Morning America" this morning.

But, the announcement wasn't about a new album or upcoming tour dates like many fans expected.

It was about her diet.

In a recorded message, Beyoncé extolled the virtues of a plant-based diet and praised The 22-Day Revolution for helping her get in shape.

The 22-Day Revolution is a food and exercise regimen devised by Marco Borges, the man Bey partnered with to start a meal plan delivery service.

In the clip, Beyoncé said,

Here's the clip:

However, many fans were outraged because they were hoping for more substantial news.

Also, Bey being a vegan isn't exactly new information. She started going vegan back in 2013.

Here are some angry responses from fans:

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