Riff Raff Will Call Your Mom And Do Other Hilarious Things For Money (Photos)

by Adam Pliskin

Riff Raff is a pretty wild dude, and now he's auctioning off some pretty wild stuff, just in time for the holiday season.

Most of these things cost a pretty penny, but if you're willing to break the bank, Riff Raff will make all your holiday wishes come true.

For example, Raff will attend your bachelor party for $6,000. He'll Skype with your grandparents for $1,250. And he'll call your mom for $500.

I'm not sure if any of that is exactly worth the price of admission. But a Riff Raff bachelor party could get pretty crazy.

Below are some of the things for sale on Riff Raff's website.

Riff Raff will come to your house for dinner.

He'll get you tatted up.

He'll party with you on your last night of freedom. He'll give your mother a call. Raff will even name your adorable pup for you. And he'll Skype with your grandparents, if they ever figure out how to use Skype.

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