Olivia Wilde Almost Gets Naked For David Letterman (Video)

After Olivia Wilde tells David Letterman on "The Late Show" about her experience shooting a nude scene for her new film, "Third Person," she debates getting naked on the show to show everybody how it worked.

She didn't do it, though. And the world collectively groaned in protest.

What she does do is speak candidly and hilariously about filming the naked scene for "Third Person," a movie that tells three interlocking stories about love and betrayal.

She filmed the scene before she had a child, so she jokes that she can look back fondly at her pre-baby nude body as a reminder that she did once look like that. She also explains how they filmed the scene in Italy, where being naked really isn't that big of a deal.

Wilde even discusses how she felt running down a flight of stairs while naked as part of the scene. She definitely admits to feeling awkward.

There's things that no one should see. The body does things that, you know, it's not supposed to. You know, it's jiggling.

Even Olivia Wilde's body jiggles, everyone. Even Olivia Wilde.