Leo DiCaprio's GF Nina Agdal Gains Weight In Her Butt And We Don't Feel Bad

by Hope Schreiber

Nina Agdal, whom you've spotted from a Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial in 2013, modeling for Victoria's Secret and appearing on the cover of the 50th anniversary cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, just admitted she is human.

It's hard to believe, I know, but Leonardo DiCaprio's model girlfriend is just like us.

She told Health when she eats a slice of pizza, it immediately goes to her ass.

The 24-year-old Denmark native told the magazine her body doesn't lets her eat more despite her crazy workouts.

This explains why I haven't lost weight since I've started going to the gym. I always include an ice cold soda pop and a hoagie during my cool down on the treadmill -- leaving a trail of shredded lettuce wherever I go.

On the subject of dieting advice, Nina said,

You can't be like, 'I worked out for two hours today, so I can have that slice of pizza,' because that pizza will still just go on your butt or wherever it goes.

Note to self: Stop saying "I went to the gym today" right before I devour a family-sized portion of frozen lasagna.

When asked where food tends to go to on her body when she's not being careful, Nina replied,

God, my butt. My friends always joke around because whenever I turn around, I'll bump into stuff because I forget that it's there. In stores, I'll knock over glasses or candles or whatever. Everything goes there or on my face. But definitely down there.

If my friends joked about my massive butt knocking out waiters and power lines, I swear... Of course, I'm not a model.

But the secret to Nina's body is her workout routine. She swears by yoga.

She told Health,

When I do a lot of it, I see a lot of tone in my arms, which can be a tough area for me to get really toned in. So even though it feels like you're not really doing anything, you are.

BRB, I'm just rolling out my yoga mat, which I normally only use when I'm too drunk to crawl into my bed.


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