This Video Of Nicole Richie Getting Hit In The Face During A High Five Is Epic


High fives make me nervous.

Maybe it's just my crippling social anxiety that someone will tell me I am "too slow," or maybe it's the fact no one in my youth thought I was cool enough to receive a high five, but the entire act of slapping hands together is simply archaic to me.

Like, break it down, friends.

You're celebrating an event or congratulating someone or simply saying hello. How does that translate to "let me violently slam my palm against your palm so it makes a single, loud clapping noise?"

That said, witnessing Nicole Richie get a face full of hand during a high five fail is pretty enjoyable.


Everything looks like it should result in a flawless high-five finish, and yet somehow Richie gets swatted so hard her sunglasses fly off.

During an interview for "Talk Stoop" with Cat Greenleaf, Nicole Richie admits the best news she's heard for a while, because she comes to LA, is they were expected to have three days of rain.

This is worthy of a celebratory hand slap, not Cat smacking Nicole.

Richie, God bless her soul, handled the beating like a true champ, striking a pose and making jokes in her stride.

This is the best possible outcome should you accidentally slap someone you're interviewing.


After Cat apologized and said she's "notoriously clumsy," Richie responds,

I can see that... out of my left eye.

Cat then asks Richie a notorious fact about herself, and she answers,

I was just abused, like two seconds ago.

Honestly, it's just further proof Nicole Richie should be everyone's best friend. Who else can provide killer one-liners and forgive you for an inability to complete accurately a simple hand gesture?

Nicole Richie is set to star in NBC's new sitcom "Great News," which is being produced by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock.

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