1,000 Nicki Minaj Cutouts With Free Tickets Took Over A Finnish Cathedral (Photos)


Nicki Minaj is about to perform in Finland for the first time.

In order to celebrate her arrival, 1,000 cardboard cutouts of Nicki and her famous behind were arranged on the steps of Helsinki Cathedral.

Minaj will be headlining the Summer Up festival, and free passes to the festival were taped to the back of the cutouts.

People were told to take the free tickets and the cardboard Nickis to the festival with them.

It's a pretty strong message of support for an artist when you're willing to taint a house of God in her honor.

Nicki should feel right at home in Finland.

Here are some photos of the wild scene on the steps of the cathedral.

That's a lot of butts.


Ass. Ass. Ass. Ass.


People can't get enough of Nicki.

Some fans did their best Minaj impressions.

This guy seems to be enjoying his cardboard Nicki.

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