Nicki Minaj Performed At A Rich Kid's Bar Mitzvah And It Got Awkward

I'm not ashamed to admit my bar mitzvah theme was "Adam's Tropical Getaway."

OK, I'm a little ashamed. I have no idea why I decided on that theme, but I did, so let's move past it.

In spite of my awful adolescent choices, I had a pretty great time at the party celebrating my journey into manhood.

But I didn't have anywhere near as much fun as a kid named Matt who had Nicki Minaj perform at his bar mitzvah.

Minaj performed "Super Bass" at the party and took some photos with Matt and his buddies. During her set, Minaj guessed some of the kids' ages. When she asked Matt his age, he replied,

Old enough.

Yep, that kid is definitely going to grow up to be a pillar of the Jewish community.

Check out photos and videos from the party below.

This is Nicki and the bar mitzvah boy.

Nicki Minaj hangs out with a bunch of prepubescent boys.

Nicki plays around with Matt and the crowd.

[Video] Matt telling @NICKIMINAJ he's "old enough" tonight at his Bar Mitzvah pic.twitter.com/qnETU6KaAH — Nicki Minaj News (@NickiWorldNews) April 26, 2015

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