Niall Horan Ranked Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez In ‘Would You Rather'


Niall Horan had to make some tough decisions while appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week.

The former One Direction singer was forced to pick between a bunch of female celebrities in a game of "Would You Rather."

It was Ellen's idea, of course, because she knew Niall was single and ready to mingle. Calm down ladies! There's enough of him to go around!

If you've never played "Would You Rather" (LOL, get out much?), here's how it works.

Ellen put two famous ladies up on the big screen and made Niall pick who he'd rather date. He only had a few seconds to answer, so there was no time to discuss or defend his choice.

"Don't feel bad about hurt feelings," Ellen told him.

As soon as the game started, Niall Horan had to choose between Taylor Swift and Rihanna. WOAH, big one right off the bat! The kid didn't even think twice; he immediately said, "RIHANNA!"

Sorry Tay. Better luck next time?


That's gotta hurt.

A little later into the game, Niall was faced with another challenge. He had to pick between Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.


At this point, we already know Niall is feeling Selena Gomez over every other lady. He picked her like 39,493 times in a row, so clearly he's crushing hard.

Niall admitted he'd prefer Selena Gomez as his girlfriend over the "Confident" singer. WOW, WHAT A BURN.


So yes, Niall Horan did basically diss Taylor Swift AND Demi Lovato in a span of 20 seconds. The man is on a roll!

In the end, it looks like Ellie Goulding actually ended up being Niall's most compatible partner. He picked her over Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez and Diane Keaton. Lol.


Sorry everyone, I guess the man found his match!

Be sure to watch Niall adorably play the game in the video above.

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