Rumor: NBC Confirms That 'Friends' Is Returning For A Comeback Season

Rumors have been circulating the internet for months that there may be a chance of a "Friends" reunion in the near future.

Good news for all you "Friends" fans out there... NBC just confirmed it is indeed happening according to Star Media. Not only are they having a reunion but they are reportedly having a full comeback season.

The new season of "Friends" is set to launch in 2014 yet it is still unknown whether all of the original actors will be returning to reprise the roles that made them all famous.

How great would it be to see Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler and Ross all back together again? We hope it happens.

Update 11/04, 09:00 AM: This is just a rumor and was an internet hoax back in April. 'Friends' is unfortunately not coming back. We are unsure why this article has resurfaced and apologize for any confusion. 

This article was published back on April 21st and was a rumor back then. Please be aware that this is not happening and is nothing relevant.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images