MTV Is Hosting A One-Time 'TRL' Special And Kendall Jenner Will Be There

Get out of here, Carson Daly! "TRL" is back (kinda) and Kendall Jenner is going to be there!

You read that correctly. MTV announced today it would be bringing back the late '90s daily music video countdown show for one day in honor of this year's presidential election.

The campaign is being called “Total Registration Live”-- I see what you did there, MTV-- and will be airing on September 27 at 6pm. The goal of the hour-long broadcast is to encourage MTV's audience to get out and vote this election season by opening up a dialogue on various political and societal issues.

...OK, definitely a darker tone than how I remember "TRL."

The hope is the broadcast will lead viewers to register to vote through Rock The Vote's platform or by texting VOTEMTV to 384387, a number set up through a partnership with HelloVote.

HelloVote is a chatbot that enables users to register to vote through Facebook Messenger or text message in under a minute.

...OK, so like not like "TRL" at all.

The star-studded event is scheduled to feature a buttload of appearances from celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Ty Dolla $ign, Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello, Joss Whedon, Vic Mensa, Natalia Dyer and Mack Wilds to name a few.

In a press release, MTV said they would be replacing "TRL's" standard video countdown format with "powerful profiles that will spotlight what is at stake in the upcoming election through the eyes of three Millennials taking individual action to change their communities."

...OK, wtf. This is NOT "TRL."

The Millennials included in the broadcast are Yale freshman and undocumented immigrant Larissa Martinez, 24-year-old rape survivor and legislative advocate Amanda Nguyen and the 22-year old founder of the Georgia Muslim Voter Project, Aisha Yaqoob.

The show is being hosted by MTV's Neesa. MTV News' Senior National Correspondent Jamil Smith and Senior Political Correspondent Ana Marie Cox will also be on hand.

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