How Amy Schumer Is Dominating Comedy And Empowering Women

Move over, Amy Poehler, there’s a new Amy trying to steal your laughs, and she’s doing it with a little bit of feminism and a whole lot of vulgarity.

Amy Schumer is best known for her sketch comedy series, "Inside Amy Schumer," which has been airing on Comedy Central since 2013.

What people may not know is Schumer got her first start on the fifth season of NBC’s "Last Comic Standing," where she placed fourth.

Well, look who’s still standing, NBC.

Tina Fey has already made it clear being a woman in comedy is like being the last kid to have braces in middle school: No one wants to be your friend or have your back.

But, Schumer is making sure everyone knows you can’t body shame someone who body shames herself first, and her skits and routines are empowering woman of all ages and sizes.

How so? By letting woman know that being too skinny, too wide, too blonde or too witty is still going to get you laid.

Schumer’s acceptance speech at the GLAMOUR Awards in London this past June gave the British more vulgarity than they’ve probably ever heard when she explained, “I’m probably 160 pounds right now, and I could catch a dick whenever I want.”

(Beware, Brits, Schumer killed it on Tinder while in London.)

Schumer took things one step further on "Inside Amy Schumer" when she acted out an imaginary Bill Cosby trial as the defense attorney.

It’s skits like that one that make me think John Oliver and Amy Schumer should make babies. Never ones to be afraid of voicing their own opinions about high-profile current events, it’s a match made in comedy heaven.

Schumer isn’t done with her summer sexcapades, either. She’s already trending on social media for her August cover of GQ, where she poses in a bikini with C-3 PO.

Inside photos imply a threesome with R2-D2 and C-3PO. It’s hilarious and makes women everywhere want to #SayItLikeSchumer: “F*ck, yes.”

If you’re sick of Amy Schumer already, too bad, but not too sad.

Coming out this Friday, she plays her first big-screen role in the film "Trainwreck." She also wrote the movie, so it's no surprise it's rated R.

While promoting the film, Schumer went on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" and shared a little tale of that one time she sent a sext to Katie Couric’s husband while pretending to be Katie Couric.

It’s like Schumer takes your wildest, most inappropriate pre-teen fantasies and makes them a reality, and no one is safe.

It’s clear Schumer doesn’t need a skit to be hilarious, and she doesn’t need a book to be empowering.

(Although, there’s nothing wrong with it, Tina.) She is what all women – young, old, tall, skinny, fat, Ninja Turtle – should be: themselves.

When you look at what Schumer has accomplished only since June, it gets you excited for what’s to come.

What sets Schumer apart is her purpose. She isn’t making a scene for scene's sake; she’s saying the things we are either too afraid or not famous enough to say.

And she's making everything hysterical while she does it.