Mindy Kaling's Brother Says He Faked Being Black To Get In Med School


Being accepted into medical school is no easy feat. To accomplish this task, Mindy Kaling's brother pretended he was black.

Vijay Chokal-Ingam, Mindy's older brother, is writing a book, titled "Almost Black," about his misrepresentation.

Chokal-Ingam claims his grades at the University of Chicago weren't good enough to get into medical school. He had a 3.1 GPA and a 31 on the MCAT.

On the website for the book, Chokal-Ingam wrote,

So, Chokal-Ingam went to great lengths to make it seems as if he was African American.

He wrote,

Almost Black

Vijay then went by Jojo, and for most intents and purposes, he passed as black.

Almost Black

He wrote,

Ultimately, Chokal-Ingam was accepted into med school at Saint Louis University.

He attended for a couple of years before dropping out.

He realized he no longer wanted to be a doctor, but the fact he got in under such false pretenses is pretty incredible and perhaps more than a little immoral.

He said his sister, Mindy Kaling, believes "this book will bring shame" to their family.

Here's Vijay's acceptance letter:

Naturally, some people didn't appreciate Vijay's story:

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