Fan Has Day Of His Life After Miley Cyrus Lets Him Grab Her Boobs (Photos)

Miley Cyrus recently made one lucky fan's dreams come true when she let him squeeze her boobs. Cyrus was doing a meet and greet at Nassau Coliseum when a fan named David asked her to be "his first and last kiss with a girl."

She retorted by saying that he would be "her first and last kiss with a boy." The two then proceeded to take a couple of pictures. In the first photo, David innocently holds Miley in a classic prom pose.

But, in the second photo, David is full on grabbing Cyrus' breasts. She didn't seem to mind all that much, and gave this kid the photo of his life.

If that's not his profile picture for the next 20 years, he's doing something wrong.

Check out the pics below.

H/T: ET Online