Miles Teller Apologizes To The Internet For His Blonde Hair

We can forgive but we will never forget, Miles Teller.

A few months ago, the star of "Whiplash" and fourth lead in "Divergent" decided that our lives weren't terrible enough.

He took it upon himself to make our time on this planet just a little more difficult while simultaneously forcing us to emotionally navigate maybe one of the worst atrocities a man and his hair stylist could possibly do.

He did this. (Now would be a good time to send all children under the age of 12 out of the room. Spare their lives from this horror.)

Miles is sorry for what he did though and he wants to let the Internet know that he was beyond out of line for his actions.

He tweeted this picture of himself getting his hair dyed back to a normal color.

You know, a color that doesn't make it look like he was cursed by a ghoul at the Elmer's glue factory.

I don't know, Miles. You really emotionally boned us PRETTY effing hard with that Draco Malfoy thing you had going on. I can't unsee this.

My brain physically can't forget what you did.

I remember this like I remember my grandfather's funeral.

I'd rather have a swarm of Zika mosquitos make out with my butthole than see this ever again.

It's going to take a lot more than a cute tweet to make up for this ABOMINATION you've left in our minds, Miles.


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