Mila Kunis Reveals What Life With Ashton Kutcher Is Like After Two Kids


When she's not using her incredible sexiness to seduce me into buying more Jim Beam than anyone could ever need, Mila Kunis is being the best mom in the world.

The 33-year-old actress is married to 39-year-old Ashton Kutcher, and the pair have two young children together.


Recently, Mila Kunis was in attendance at CinemaCon in Las Vegas to chat about her latest works, including the "Bad Moms" sequel, "Bad Moms Christmas."

However, before she got to talking about her professional life, the 33-year-old spoke about what life is like at home with her husband, son and daughter.

Speaking about how her daughter, Wyatt, treats her three-month-old son, Dimitri, Mila Kunis said,

She loves it. She loves her brother. She wants him to sleep in her room and doesn't get jealous or envious. She's great. We got very lucky.


I'm roughly 12 months away from marrying my fiancée. And while I honestly can't wait to have kids one day, I'm already thinking about how different my life is going to be once that day comes.


Speaking about how her social life has changed quite a bit since having children, Mila Kunis said,

My girlfriends and I went out to dinner a month ago and I got home at 10:30 from a dinner and I had three penicillins which is a delicious, delicious beverage. [I was] hammered. Three drinks, I am now a very cheap date.

*Makes internal note about saving money in the future *

As far as getting "hammered" with her husband, Ashton Kutcher, well, Kunis said,

No, because in the morning we still have kids. Your date night can't be that wild because at 7 in the morning you still have, 'Mama' and you're like, 'What? I'm up.'

So, life really does end with kids, huh?

Don't worry, Mila Kunis also dished on "Bad Moms Christmas," which I know I can't wait to see in theaters.

Speaking about the upcoming movie, she said,

You bring in the moms' moms. Every character has a mom in this one. It's pretty amazing casting.

So, what's the actual Kunis-Kutcher family Christmas party like in December?

According to Mila,

We do Christmas in Iowa with my husband's family and that side of the family is huge and so it's a lot of kids running around. A lot, a lot, a lot of kids running around. All of the grandparents suffocate these kids with presents so we give her like one.

That's one Festivus I wish I had an invite to.

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