Michelle Obama, Serena Williams Literally Got In Formation For Beyoncé’s Birthday

by Anna Menta

Y'all, Beyoncé was right: She really is that b*tch who causes all this conversation. When it's my birthday, I invite 52 people on Facebook to come get a drink with me in Midtown, and eight people showed up. When it's Beyoncé's birthday, she gets tennis champion Serena Williams and former First Lady Michelle Obama recreating her image in her honor. Seriously: Michelle Obama wished Beyoncé "Happy Birthday" by literally getting in formation. An icon, a legend, your favs could never, etc.

On Monday, September 4, AKA Beyoncé's 36th birthday, AKA Bey Day, the official Beyoncé website had a special birthday message for the singer. Fifteen of Beyoncé's family and friends all dressed up in Bey's famous outfit from the "Formation" music video: a wide-rimmed black hat, an ornate necklace, a black top, dark lipstick, and of course, two long braids. Each were photographed "Formation" style — in black and white with their heads tilted down, eyes obscured. Luckily, the website provided a label under the photos for each person.

Did I mention that freakin' Michelle Obama did this? Michelle Obama! The former First Lady! In full on "Formation" garb, rocking that black hat and bold lip! I am gone! Deceased!

Others who participated in the photo series include tennis champion Serena Williams, Destiny Child's Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, Beyoncé's daughter Blue Ivy Carter, her mother Tina Knowles Lawson, her step-sister Bianca Lawson, Jay-Z's mother Gloria Carter, his grandmother Hattie White, and more.

In addition to honoring Beyoncé on her birthday, the photo series also intends to raise awareness for relief funds for Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Beyoncé was born and raised in Houston, and last week launched her "BeyGOOD Houston campaign, by teaming up with Bread of Life and Greater Houston Community Foundation. Both organizations are dedicated to working with Houston families affected by the storm. You can learn more about the groups and donate to them via Beyoncé's official website.