Mariah Carey Reveals What She Wears Around The House And It's Absurd

It is positively mind-melting to fathom how we've been living life this long without a Mariah Carey reality show.

How did we know where to set our prima donna standards? This completely explains why there's food on every last article of clothing I own.

We are a nation of slobs who need to be taught to embrace our most glamorous individual existences.

Enter Mariah.

She's been leading by example for years, but her new show, “Mariah's World,” is here to confront us with some top-shelf diva living.

We always assumed Mariah lounged around the house in a glittery corset and satin, 4-inch heels, but “Mariah's World” lets us see it with our own two peasant eyeballs.

Based on this promo alone, our girl Mimi is spreading true statement after true statement:

1. “I'd rather make everything fun.” 2. “I just need to know that everything is not going to be a piece of dog shit.” 3. “It'd be so cute to have puppies here.”


She also speaks directly to camera in a non-interview setting. As in, mid-scene. Mariah just boldly acknowledges the camera, because, fuck it, there's a camera in her face.

The show doesn't premiere until December 4, which means us feebs will have to go on living our most basic day-to-day savagery for a full eternity before MC swoops in to save us from ourselves, likely while wearing diamond-crusted butterfly wings.

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