Madonna Gave Her Son A Donald Trump Birthday Piñata

With the first presidential debates happening on Monday between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, a number of celebrities are stepping forward and putting in their two cents about who should become the next president of the USA.

Madonna made it rather clear, when she let her son have a Donald Trump piñata on his birthday, just who can count on her vote in November.

Her son, David, turned 11 over this weekend and the musician posted his rather funny birthday piñata on her Instagram story.

While it may be politically driven for Madonna to encourage whacking a Trump piñata, it seems like David certainly got behind it too.

He posed with the face of the piñata on Madonna's snapchat.


And, should you want one, you can buy the reasonably priced piñata right here on Amazon.

Before turning the big 11, David scored three of the first goals in a soccer match, which proud mom Madonna uploaded to Instagram.

Kid's got skills!

On top of getting to celebrate the big soccer win, David even had a few friends over for a dance party for his birthday.

And as if the Donald Trump piñata wasn't enough, check out this beautifully decorated party!

Madonna even let him have birthday cake for breakfast.

All in all, it looks like the perfect celebration for a kid turning 11. Well done, Madonna!

Madonna recently endorsed the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Instagram by posting a photo of Trump's sons posing with a dead leopard they hunted. She wrote,

How big of a pussy do you have to BE to kill this noble animal for sport? Just ask Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric. One more reason to vote for Hilary!

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