Bad News: Louis Tomlinson Could Be The Next To Leave One Direction

Could Louis Tomlinson be the next member of One Direction to leave the band?

At this point, any answer to that question is just speculation, but the dominos may be poised to fall after the departure of Zayn Malik.

Louis seems to have a plum fallback if he did decide to ever leave the band. Tomlinson is angling to be a band manager à la Simon Cowell.

Tomlinson reportedly started his own company called 78 Productions. As part of this enterprise, he has taken former "X Factor" contestant Jack Walton under his wing.

A source told The Mirror,

Jack and Louis had spent time in the studio together and Louis turned round to him and said come to LA with me. They flew out at the end of January and returned a week later. With Zayn leaving the band it looks like Louis is covering all his options for the future.

Louis is also looking to represent a female pop band as he is heading up Sony's Be in the Band 2015 competition, wherein Sony and Syco Entertainment will search for members for a new manufactured girl group.

Another anonymous source told The Sun,

Louis has his business head screwed on and is busy making plans for the future. He's rated very highly at Sony and they knew he'd be great to get on board. Louis accepted their offer straight away. He has visions of being a music boss in the future and has a good eye for new talent. There are even industry rumors he'll end up as an 'X Factor' judge at some point down the line.

While this doesn't confirm Louis is planning to leave the band any time soon, it is potent rumor mill fuel. That's why I'm writing about it, and that's why you're reading it.

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