Lindsay Lohan Posted A Pic With No Clothes On And Called It A Halloween Costume


Say what you will about Lindsay Lohan, but she sure does knows how to be efficient when it comes to adult Halloween.

While the rest of you jokers were out this weekend claiming to be a "cat" or a "sex robot" in a push-up bra and fishnet tights, Lindsay just got straight to the point.

No pretense. No fanfare. No half-hearted attempt to pretend she cared about the spirit of Halloween at all.

Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you, 30-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan's costume for Halloween 2016!

(Sorry, I'm going to get to the not wearing clothes part in just a second, but first I have to make fun of Lindsay for something else.)

Lindsay captioned this photo "no filter." Linds, honey, I'm no photographer, but this picture is in the top five of blurriest selfies I've ever seen on Instagram.

You really don't need to tell us this terrible photo doesn't have a filter. We all can see very clearly it has no filter. Next time, might I suggest trying Claredon?

OK, I'm done. Back to the no clothing thing.

Yep, Lindsay just straight-up wore a pink bra and panties and gave it the hashtag "#halloweencostume."

You have to respect that kind of simplicity.

Lindsay also gave this Instagram a "Mean Girls" quote hashtag: "every day we wear pink." This is ironic for two reasons.

First of all, that is not the correct "Mean Girls" quote.

Perhaps this was on purpose.

But second of all, anyone who's seen "Mean Girls" will remember the Halloween party scene where Cady Heron missed the total slut-costume memo.

I guess it's safe to say Cady Heron has finally embraced her inner plastic and gone the "hardcore girl" route.

Athough, it's worth pointing out Lindsay Lohan went even further than the hardcore girls, since she didn't even bother with the "some form of animal ears" that Cady describes in the clip.

Where are the ears, Lindsay!?


Meanwhile, Tina Fey is probably off somewhere rueing the day she ever cast Lindsay Lohan in her movie.

Maybe someday Lindsay will stop referencing it to remind the public she did something cool once. Like, in 50 years or so.