Lindsay Lohan's 'GTA V' Lawsuit Gets Dismissed


Bad news for Lindsay Lohan. It has been determined that her likeness was not used in "Grand Theft Auto V," nor in its marketing materials.

Her lawsuit against the game's publishers has been dismissed.

Probably on the grounds that not all blondes are the same?

And if anything, this image was probably based on Kate Upton.

Sports Illustrated/Rockstar

In court documents, Lohan sued publishers, Take-Two, in 2014. She claimed that the "bikini, shoulder-length blonde hair, jewelry, cell phone and 'signature peace sign' pose" is unequivocally her.

Lohan, come at me, I also have a signature peace sign pose.

Take-Two originally argued for the lawsuit to be dismissed, stating that Lohan filed for publicity purposes.

The actress went on to argue that one of the characters in the game, during a mission that involved helping a member of the paparazzi, was meant to be her.

On Thursday, the New York Supreme Court dismissed the case. They ruled that since Lohan's name, photograph or image was not actually used in the game, that she had no means for a lawsuit.

Even if the character was based on the "Mean Girls" star, "Grand Theft Auto V" is a "work of fiction or satire," and they are allowed to do so.

The judges agreed that video games deserve First Amendment protection "[l]ike the protected books, plays and movies that proceeded them."

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