Lindsay Lohan Has A Brother And We Need To Talk About How Hot He Is

by Jamie LeeLo
Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

If there's one thing I love more than drooling over beautiful celebrities, it's drooling over their beautiful baby siblings, once they're of age, of course. I'M NOT A MONSTER. That said, Lindsay Lohan's hot brother Cody Lohan is a gorgeous, little model dream man, and I'm just wondering where he's been all my life.

Turns out, he's been low-key modeling in Vogue China.

Let me say that again, for the folks in the back. LINDSAY LOHAN'S LITTLE BRO IS A MODEL IN VOGUE CHINA. Everyone up to speed? Shall we proceed?

Cody is a 21-year-old human being (he's of age, ladies) who has apparently been making a career out of his smoldering eyes, freckle skin, and – too cool for school, but not too cool for me – smirk. In an interview with W Magazine, Cody, whose full name is Dakota, said,

My family gave me the push. I'm a student and a surfer — I've always put both of those interests first — but it was my family and their support that gave me the confidence to undertake modeling. We've always been in the spotlight, but some of us have chosen to live a more private life. I think there's a way to balance both and I look forward to the challenge.

Let the record show he is also a wise old soul wrapped in prepubescent packaging.

Big sis Lindsay tweeted out the following image, showing the Code-ster rocking an oversized sweater like he weaved it out of his own potential. She captioned it, "Proud of my little brother in Vogue China."

No exclamation point necessary, Linds. We can feel your enthusiasm from here.

Apparently, Dakota isn't the only Lohan making money by walking catwalks. (Side note, are kids still calling runways catwalks?) Ali Lohan, 23, is also a model.

Still, if you follow Cody on Instagram, his life seems to be very normal (which is hard to believe, considering who his oldest sister is).

Anyway, Cody. Love the look. Love your face. Call me.