Lena Dunham Performs ‘Sensual Pantsuit’ Rap To Support Hillary Clinton

Funny Or Die

If a rapping Lena Dunham wearing a pantsuit doesn't get you to vote for Hillary Clinton I don't know what will.

I know presidential voting isn't until next week, but I think we've all been done with this election for a while now.

It's been an endless suckhole that I'm convinced has made this planet a worse place. Trump supporters, email servers, Gary Johnson, voter fraud and Billy Bush have turned our mostly peaceful lives into a daily war of attrition with zero end in site.

Don't fool yourselves! Election day is only the beginning. No matter the outcome, we have to deal with the fallout until the next election... assuming Trump decides to concede at any point.

So buckle down and watch this video where Lena Dunham tries her hand at rapping. It may be the last happy moment of your 2016, and honestly, you've earned it.

Cynthia Erivo and Charlamagne the God both make appearances in the video, going along with the rapping gimmick for the most part.

At one point, Charlamagne questions Dunham's logic of removing her pantsuit for a more sensual pansuit to show her support for Hillary.

Aside from that, everyone seems to be onboard with the gimmick that is Lena Dunham getting into the rap game.

The lyrics to the song, which is called "Sensual Pantsuit Anthem," are pretty OK.

At one point, Lena praises Hillary's ability to shatter the glass ceiling, saying,

I get upset when people say that Hillary needs to smile/She's a strong ass fucking person couldn't even walk a mile/in the heels of this woman had to fight/her life defending everything she does to the left and to the right.

So get out and vote next week! If you don't, Lena will continue doing gimmicky rap stuff like this.

Nobody wants that.

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