Lady Gaga Slayed The Runway At The VS Fashion Show With Her Own Set Of Wings

by Anna Menta

Yo, Gigi and Kendall, I'mma let you finish, but Lady Gaga had the best Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway walk of all time.


During the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which aired Monday night on CBS, Lady Gaga performed several songs off her most recent album, Joanne.

Obviously, because she's Gaga, she slayed every single performance, but one performance in particular stood out in the slayage.

That's because while she was singing her new song "John Wayne," Lady Gaga did a twirl and, suddenly, MAGICALLY SPROUTED WINGS OUT OF HER BACK!

If you need proof Gaga is a living, breathing angel, well, here it is right in front of you.

Y'ALL. Just look at that attitude. Look at the twirl. Look at that strut.

She knows. SHE KNOWS.

Lady Gaga may not be an official Victoria Secret's Angel, but she's definitely earned those wings.

Those high heels, wings, her presence, her outfit, the guitar playing & the runway. #VSFashionShow @ladygaga SLAYEDpic.twitter.com/Qram3r1Zrs — Andrés | JOANNE (@andreszapata99) December 6, 2016

Plus, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner got them, and they certainly aren't Angels. So if we're just handing 'em out anyway...

Twitter couldn't even handle the level of slay Gaga was serving out on that Paris runway.

I mean, Gaga did that, ya know?

Me and @korina_rosario when @ladygaga let them wings flyyyy #VSFashionShow pic.twitter.com/z5xl5w2ysk — Jessica Warren (@jessicawarren01) December 6, 2016

Chels, between you and me, I was screaming when she started strutting, too.

And hey, I don't want to take away from Gaga's kick-ass vocals and stage presence, either.

She absolutely killed it singing "Million Reasons," at the opening of the show, in a gorgeous floral lacy dress.

Lady Gaga looks beautiful singing Million Reasons #VSFashionShow pic.twitter.com/XuAE8HZcgB — Lady Gaga / JOANNE (@stevenartpop) December 6, 2016

And before we got to all that wing sprouting stuff, she killed it on her song "A-Yo," too.

Basically, Gaga won the night. You go, Gaga!

And none for Kendall Jenner, bye!