Lady Gaga's Instagram Story Of Prepping For The Super Bowl Will Pump You Up


There are two types of people in the world: those who eat, sleep, breathe and bleed football leading up to the Super Bowl, and those who think the Super Bowl is either a cute match involving a bunch of puppies or 7-Eleven's newest Big Gulp size.

Well, one thing's for sure -- we can all come together for this Super Bowl to watch Lady Gaga perform at halftime at Houston's NRG Stadium.

And if Gaga's Instagram Story detailing her prep work for Sunday's match between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots is any indication of how she'll do, chances are it's going to be the performance of a lifetime (or at least a halftime).

In an Instagram Story, Lady Gaga gave us the briefest of glimpses into her backstage preparation for the big show on Sunday.

If I were performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, I could only show videos of me stress-eating my weight in Edy's ice cream... because that's all I'd be doing.


It's a good thing Lady Gaga looks completely calm in comparison.

Here's LG rehearsing with her backup dancers. One can only pray we will have a Left Shark moment.


Before Cecil and Harambe, there was Left Shark. February of 2015 was truly a simpler time.

Despite being a different sport entirely, football uses golf carts as a means of transportation. Anyone else find that odd?


No? Just me? Awesome.

Lady Gaga's own grandma FaceTimed her while she was getting her hair done.


Or was it just me in a grey wig impersonating her grandmother while trying to get an autograph from Lady Gaga? We'll never know (except we do know because I'd never do that to m'Lady).

Here's Lady Gaga getting in some warm-up stretches.


Meanwhile, I'll be doing some pre-wing stretches in preparation for my big day.

Break a leg, Lady Gaga!

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