Kylie Jenner's Morning To-Do List


Kylie Jenner does more before 10 am than you probably did during all of February.

You can knock the youngest kore Kardashian family member all you want for her lifestyle choices, social media addiction and whatever else makes you sound like Andy Rooney on "60 Minutes," but you have to admit one thing: that girl WORKS.


She's got a media empire and one of the most most popular makeup lines on the market -- possibly of all time -- by a celebrity spokesperson. She is a lot of things, lazy is not one of those.

Kylie recently sat down with Violet Grey and laid out her morning ritual -- which she says starts by waking up next to a fireplace she always keeps on in her room -- and it's absolutely insane.

She said while recently she has been sleeping in, usually she has her alarm wake her up, and at this point, she can't sleep past 8 am.

After she gets up, she does some makeup stuff, none of which I understand, for what seems like 45 hours based on how many words she used to describe her ritual.

She said,


After making her face up, she then goes to eat breakfast. Kylie said she makes eggs, rice and sausage -- though the eggs and rice portion is because Tyga's mom used to make him that.

She washes it down with a double shot Americano with almond milk.

After that, Kylie's morning picks up. She revealed,


She continued,

She caps her morning off with a few Kylie Cosmetics meetings and then goes on her way.

I'm exhausted just reading this.


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