Kylie Jenner Is Not A Role Model, She's A Narcissist

by Alex Eichenstein

First let me say this: I do not hate Kylie Jenner.

In fact, I do not even know Kylie Jenner. I have never met her, and, obviously, the extent of our relationship does not extend beyond me following her on Instagram.

However, I really hate some of the things Kylie Jenner does.

The biggest problem I have with the youngest member of the Kardashian Klan are the trends she chooses to perpetuate.

Essentially, Kylie Jenner's brand is based on narcissism. The constant and incessant taking and posting of pictures of herself on social media have taught my younger sisters -- and most young, impressionable girls -- self-obsession and look-oriented personalities pay off more than any career or education.

She continues to teach young girls that altering one's natural looks is preferable to being healthy and confident in whatever it is that one chooses to wear.

Kylie Jenner also glorifies the “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” lifestyle. She shows off how "entertaining" it is to spend days jet-setting whilst wearing only the trendiest clothes Rodeo Drive has to offer.

Kylie Jenner is a public figure based on the star power that comes with her iconic last name.

Each week, the starlet posts at least 10 photos of herself wearing extreme makeup and clothing that would cost the average teenager at least four summer's worth of salary.

While I respect Kylie for having the confidence to do these things, the fact she defines the ideal standard of female beauty is another thing altogether.

She is constantly advertising the fact someone as naturally beautiful as herself needs plastic surgery in order to gain attention. Young girls then see this and, whether they realize it or not, find a "need" to improve themselves, too.

This is concerning because girls are then made aware of this modern “need” to improve upon aspects of their self they may not have ever even previously acknowledged as flawed.

By posing for rather racy magazine shoots, Jenner actively associates her name with raunchy behavior. She's making those characteristics appealing to the masses of young Instagram users in search of an icon to worship.

Of course, every woman has the right to wear whatever she pleases, post whichever picture of herself she chooses and spend however much money she wants on whatever it is she desires to wear. However, Kylie Jenner seemingly chooses to do these things in an effort to maintain her reputation and gain social media attention in the process.

While most of this can be said about any other member of the Kardashian family as well, Kylie stands out as being a sort of spokesperson for the young Millennials, creating the impression she is relatable to the average 16-year-old despite being far from it.

She may have never chosen to be seen as a role model, but her undeniable influence allows her the status of someone who should maintain a sense of responsibility concerning what she posts.

Ultimately, Kylie Jenner can do whatever she wants. She has all the resources in the world available at her disposal. I just hope Jenner is aware of the fact the young girls who follow her may not know exactly what they should be liking without her formal approval first.